About us

“Mihrabat Yacht” is brand of
MAKİNERA Industry R&D Trading Inc.

“Mihrabat Yacht” has been established in Istanbul/Turkey, as a result of a big dream and passion.


Confor and Efficiency

Thanks to the technology and superior design of each MIHRABAT yacht, which gives you and your family the best time in the sea. MIHRABAT yachts, where every detail is designed with a perfectionist approach and technology meets aesthetics, will be indispensable.

Aesthetic and Engineering

With the “MIHRABAT SERIES” motor yachts, which emerged as a result of many years of work of a team devoted to this dream with passion, takes your sea love to the top with its aesthetic and engineering skills.

Technical support & Sales

Dedicated services tailored to your needs

Full Hybrid

The hybrid mode combines the advantages of both drive types. It actively to the curren power demand with automatic change to optimal drive type


Electric Mode

The Electric mode allows purely electric driving even on water areas. Whic are limited engines. They drive without emissions and can thus also drive through nature reserves



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Technical Support

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About us

In our work,
we also care about
the environment

Electric Mode

Save up to 50% fuel and double the cruising range by “MIHRABAT SERIAL HYBRID-DRIVE”.



Its compact, efficient, and user-friendly design is the best choice for MIHRABAT M Series motor yachts..


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